Copper piping to hang your headboard cushions

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There’s an unusual and very cheap option for hanging your headboard cushions….Copper piping! Yes the type you would find your heating engineer using!  It really is a fab idea for a more contemporary, minimalistic style and I’ve used’s this for my faux leather tab top headboard cushions.
For other pole ideas please see my post ‘Curtain poles to hang your headboard cushions’
Adding unique style to a room is always a great way to inject individuality, this will give a designer feel and it won’t date.  So get creative, find an idea or look you love and go for it!

Contemporary headboard cushions with faux leather tab tops
Copper piping used to hang contemporary style headboard cushions
Headboard cushions hung from copper piping
Harbour Clay King size headboard cushions hung from copper piping

Where to buy

Copper piping can be bought from B&Q, Screwfix and other plumbing suppliers. You can also buy copper piping in silver colour or alternatively spray the copper piping in a colour of your choice. there is a fantastic choice of spray paints around too. Copper piping can also be purchased in a choice of diameters.
Copper piping can easily be cut to the required length and you can buy end caps for around £1.50.

Copper piping
Copper piping ends
Copper piping for headboard cushions
Copper piping can be bought on Ebay

There are many brackets to choose from which will secure the copper piping above the bed. Here are a few examples:

Black brackets, a selection from Ebay
Brackets in six colours, buy on Ebay
Antique copper brackets, buy on Ebay

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