Quality fabrics from UK suppliers

Headboard cushions are created using upholstery or medium weight quality fabrics
to give a more stylish and upholstered look.
I want to offer choice as I understand that we all have our own preferences on style and decor.
As I am unable to show headboard cushions in every fabric I offer I try and give an idea by
using a computer generated image.
If you would like me to send you a computer generated
image for a chosen fabric or fabrics please let me know, I am happy to provide this.
Fabric samples can be sent to you so you can see the colour and texture.  I am sure you will
be happy with the quality of fabrics offered but it’s always good to check it’s the colour you are
looking for if coordinating with bedroom decor.

Hover over the fabric image for name of fabric.

Fabrics shown are usually available in other colours so if you can’t see the colour you are looking
for please email me.
There are some gorgeous fabrics around and if you need help with design or would like some
suggestions please email me as I would love to help.
Please note that fabrics can be discontinued at any time without prior notice, therefore please
check fabric availability prior to ordering.
Please hover over the fabric image for name of fabric, for samples or further details of fabrics
please email me at lisa@casaflor.co.uk

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