Girls trendy wall art


This girls trendy wall art has it all, colour, texture and fashion! A fantastic design that will add a unique style to any room.  This wall art can also be created in other colours.


It’s not easy to find girls trendy wall art suitable for older girls
and teenagers so I have created this girls trendy wall art to
add colour, style and texture to a room, each canvas hand painted
in vibrant, trendy colours!
Each handmade 3d flower brings the canvas to life and the
swirl of plaited wool adds a contemporary feel.
This set of three trendy wall art will be loved by girls of all ages
and will add individuality to a room.
Hand painted in artist quality paints with a little texture
added for an original look.
Want this trendy wall art in other colours?  No problem, just
email your requirements and I will come back to you with advice
and suggestions.
Each canvas has a protective varnish applied.

Size of each canvas: 8″ x 8″ (depth approx.18 mm) – Ready to hang.
Hand painted using artist quality acrylic paints.


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