Hand painted dolphin graffiti wall art


Make a statement in a room with this eye-catching hand painted dolphin graffiti wall art!  If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone special this graffiti canvas wall art is just perfect!


Personalised hand painted wall art

This eye-catching, vibrant hand painted dolphin graffiti wall art will make a statement in a room, its cool and trendy design  will be
loved by girls and boys of all ages.
The canvas is hand painted using artist quality paints and a slightly textured effect is applied.

The perfect gift

This hand painted dolphin graffiti wall art  has an ocean theme with dolphins and starfish.  Colours more suitable for girls have been used but other colours for boys can also be used.
Other themes can be custom made to specific requirements.
Glitter has been added to this hand painted dolphin graffiti wall art to give a sparkle to the glistening waves.
Specific colours of your choice can be used, just let me know preferred shades etc.
Hand painted and designed just for you.

This hand painted dolphin graffiti wall art will make a fantastic gift for someone special.

Custom made artwork

This hand painted graffiti wall art can be custom made with any name/message, larger canvas sizes may be
required for longer names or messages therefore please contact me for details and prices.

Canvas sizes

The size of canvas used is 50 cm x 20 cm Standard edge canvas (depth approx. 18 mm)
Please email me for details on canvas sizes available as this is subject to change at any time.
Alternative canvas sizes are available, please email me with any specific requirements


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