Derbyshire prom Spanish style

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Prom Spanish styleWe’re doing a Derbyshire Prom Spanish style this year!  Anabel has finished her GCSE’s and it’s time to celebrate!
As you may know we like to do things with a Spanish twist and we couldn’t let this occasion be any different!

The above photograph gives a little hint of things to come and I’ll reveal more in due course……lots to be done this
week, if any of you have already been there, done it, you may well know there’s the hair, the nails, the fake tan,
the make-up………

Derbyshire Prom Spanish Style

On the 1st of July 2016 we celebrated the school prom for Anabel and her friends, all went well and
Anabel had a few comments about her looking like a Spanish Senorita!

Spanish style prom
Anabel and friend Heather

To really pull off the ‘Derbyshire Prom Spanish Style’, the dress had to be Spanish.  It was bought in Spain from Pronovias.  There were some stunning dresses in this wonderful boutique but luckily Anabel found this dress on offer! in fact we saved money as many of the dresses we looked at in the U.K were from £300 and not made from the best of fabrics, possibly made in China.

The colour was a beautiful coral colour and the fabric was a woven silk type which didn’t crease. The dress had to be altered everywhere and due to a departure for the UK the next day, the very helpful assistants offered to do the alterations ready for
1pm the next day, all for 60 euros!
It was perfect!

Spanish shoes

The shoes were purchased here at Office and are made in Spain, we always try and
find shoes made in Spain for quality and comfort so when we found a good choice
of Spanish shoes in Office we were very happy.  However, Anabel found it
quite tricky to walk in four inch heels but the dress was measured for this height
so a little practice was required!

The hair was by Andrea at Mark Leeson in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.  Stunning!
Andrea was fantastic, always checking with Anabel for her approval and taking time to
get it exactly right!

Spanish style prom day in Derbyshire
Anabel and friend Emily
Spanish style prom in Derbyshire
Anabel with Mum and Dad and friend Franek with his Mum Anna
Anabel's hair by Andrea at Mark Leeson Chesterfield
Anabel’s hair by Andrea at Mark Leeson in Chesterfield

Back of Spanish dressSpanish style prom with friendsThe bag was black lace to co ordinate with the lace on the dress, this was from
John Lewis in Nottingham.  The bag was quite pricy at £25 but can easily be used again with many
outfits, therefore a good investment accessory.
The earrings were perfect and went so well with the dress, they looked quite
expensive but were from Claires accessories in Nottingham for £6!!

Anabel did her own make up and I helped with the St Tropez spray tan!

Friends at the Prom
Derbyshire prom group

Spanish style prom in Derbyshire
Anabel and Dad
Spanish style prom with Chico
Anabel and Chico

The Prom was held at Casa in Chesterfield.

I’d love to hear your comments on our Prom Spanish style!

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