Spanish fashion

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Suede jacket by Mango
Suede jacket by Mango

Many years ago on trips to Spain I remember loving the fashion
I saw in boutiques called Zara and Mango, there was something about
the quality and distinctive designs that I really loved.
Zara and Mango have now been in most major cities in the UK for some
years and we all welcome them!
Did you know these are Spanish fashion brands?
Zara has stores in my nearby cities Nottingham and Derby but Mango
does not, however you can order online at any of these stores.
Alternatively why not take a break and fly off to Barcelona or another
Spanish city, you will find these shops and more with prices below those
in the UK.
With a favourable exchange rate at the moment you could get a whole
new winter wardrobe whilst enjoying a sangria along the way.
I found an interesting article about this idea Daily mail online at
the daily mail online.

Lace coat from Zara
Lace coat from Zara

Visit Zara or Mango websites for fantastic fashion.

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