Spanish style wrought iron table lamps

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Spanish style table lamps
I’ve been searching the web for Spanish style wrought iron table lamps, it’s taken
some searching and I’ve found some beautiful British made products which will
look stunning and complement many styles.
As you may have seen from the images of my headboard cushions, the curtain
pole used to hang the cushions is a black wrought iron style so I wanted
to find accessories to coordinate with this style of pole and finial.
Of course any pole can be used but for this post I will stick to the Spanish
theme and look at some accessories that are typically used in Spanish
home decoration.
Wrought iron home accessories can be used no matter what your home
style is, a simple black wrought iron table or floor lamp and shade in
any colour will add a stylish touch and can complement a black fireplace
or photo frame.

Spanish style wrought iron wall lights
Wrought iron wall lights

wrought iron lighting pendant

It takes a skilled blacksmith to create some of these lamps and traditional metal
working skills are kept alive at Nigel Tyas Ironwork which is a small independent
company based in the south Pennines north of Sheffield.  They have a beautiful
range of lighting and curtain poles.  Visit their website and browse their products
handmade in Yorkshire.
Spanish style wrought iron lamps

wrought iron lighting pendant

Spanish style wrought iron lighting
For details of the lamps and lighting featured in this post please click on
the image to go to the website.
Alternatively, take a look at the following websites for details on these products:
Nigel Tyas Ironwork
Wychwood Wrought Iron


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