Spanish tile effect headboard cushions

I received a request for some custom made headboard cushions in my Spanish tile
effect designs.
My customer explained he wanted the Spanish tile effect headboard cushions for
his house in Spain and after discussions regarding size and design I began the
work of creating the Seville and Valencia designs in tab top headboard cushions.
It’s such a pleasure to deal with such lovely customers, I’m always happy to have
discussions and offer advice on design ideas etc, it’s very important to get
everything right and for the customer to be 100% happy.

Spanish tile effect headboard cushions
Spanish tile effect headboard cushions in dark teal and cream

My customer also purchased the black leaf headboard cushions which he wanted
for another bedroom for his house in Spain.  This fabric will work beautifully
with black wrought iron accessories that is very often used in Spain.
Black leaf fabric headboard cushions
The Seville Spanish tile effect design was also used to create two further
headboard cushions to coordinate with the Valencia design.
My customer had a long pole to accommodate four cushions, two Seville
designs and two Valencia design.
I will be adding some insitu images soon once I receive them from my customer.

Spanish tile effect headboard cushions
Seville design headboard cushions

If you would like more information on custom made headboard cushions
from Casa flor please do not hesitate to contact me at

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