Spanish tiles

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Spanish tiles over cooker
Spanish tiles in kitchen
Mediterranean Staircase mediterranean-staircase
I love Spanish tiles especially the elaborately decorated ones often used in
kitchens, bathrooms, pools, fountains etc around Spain. Spanish tiles
have a reputation of having some of the most brilliant and colourful in
the world.
If you were to travel around Spain you would see churches and palaces
that have some beautiful pieces of artisan tiles especially made for these
This was an art that took Spanish culture and décor to another level.
This art then developed and spread throughout Spanish homes to floors,
kitchens, bathrooms and indoor patios.
Decorative tiled hallway
Spanish Revival mediterranean-garden
These days you can buy various types of Spanish tiles from modern to traditional
and although some can be quite expensive you will be buying an extremely high
quality and durable tile.

antique patchwork tiles in conservatory
Spanish patchwork tiles in conservatory

There is an excellent choice of Spanish tiles at The Reclaimed Tile Company
based in York, North Yorkshire, visit their website for details.

Spanish patchwork tiles around bath
Patchwork tiles in a bathroom.
Spanish Colonial mediterranean-bathroom
For more ideas and inspiration on Spanish style decor, go to
my Pinterest page  for photos.

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