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Anyone visiting Tenerife may be interested in this holiday blog
from 2011 (doesn’t time fly!?).

Tenerife holiday blog – Year 2011

Canarian architecture
Canarian architecture

Early start, we head for East Midlands at 4.30am. Our Jet 2 flight check-in
goes smoothly and we head for a strong coffee! Kids have a sausage bap,
they are happy to share and at £3.99 so am I!

I browse the magazines and note that there are a few home interiors
magazines and booklets I’ve not seen before. However, I like to buy the
Spanish home interiors magazines locally, I love to see the differents styles
of home decor and home accessories compared with UK home decorating styles.

We booked a pre-bookable ‘bundle’ with Jet 2, which included extra leg
room seats and meals.
Well, I have to say, I’m impressed – leather seats, room to stretch out, a little
bit of luxury is lovely on a 4 hour flight. I’m eagerly awaiting my hot breakfast,
it’s 9.30 am now so I’m feeling peckish!

I wont get my hopes too high, lets wait and see…………..

Although I didn’t want the hassle of making a sandwich for us all, I think it
would have been the better option, the breakfast wasn’t great.
I think you would have to be sitting in business or first class
on a long haul flight to experience airline food at its best.

It’s soon time to land and I’m hoping our self catering accommodation
will be nice and of a good standard…………….

We are staying a the 3star Aguamar apartments in Los Cristianos and the
contemporary style decoration in the reception area appealed to me.
The 1 bedroomed apartment is very clean and the decoration is nice,
however not the same contemporary style as in the reception.
I have to say I was a little worried about the fact that there was no
air conditioning and I find it fairly uncomfortable, however we have
two fans which certainly helps.

Aguamar apartments in Tenerife
Aguamar apartments in Tenerife

Aguamar apartments in Tenerife

I always love to spend time on the beach, it is very clean at Playa Las Vistas
with good facilities and the kids love to have fun in the sea.
As we walk along the promenade, an artist is sketching out a portrait, she has
done some amazing paintings. I have always wanted to do portraits but I know
it is one of the most difficult things to do in art. When I did my first attempt
at drawing my daughters from a school photograph, I was really happy with
the result – the likeness was there and that is very hard to get.
I must try again soon!

Portrait artist in Tenerife
Portrait artist in TenerifeWe have settled into our apartment nicely and we’ve had days at the pool
and the beach.
The weather is hot and sunny and it is easy to laze around every day as the heat
really does zap your energy.
However, on Friday we decided to go to Jungle Park………

Large bird at Jungle Park in Tenerife
Large bird at Jungle park in Tenerife
The bird show is amazing with enormous eagles, vultures and other birds flying
on command just above our heads, it is quite fascinating to see such birds so close.

On Sunday we got up early for the 90 minute journey to Loro Parque in
Puerto de la Cruz. As we travel north, the scenery changes from a barren landscape
to one of green, lush and scenic. I knew our trip to Loro Parque would not disappoint
and I couldn’t wait to see the orca whales.

Orca whales performing at Loro Parque

Orca whales at Loro Parque
Orca whales at Loro Parque

Orca whales at Loro parque Tenerife

As we walk around the park, we are all fascinated by the animals we see, we watch
two gorillas playing together, hitting each other with palm leaves, it’s a sight we
could stand and watch for hours but there is so much more to see.
Seeing all the animals so close is a remarkable experience, the park clearly cares
for these animals and their surroundings. My daughters are loving this experience
but I wonder if Olivia, who is 6, is able to appreciate the sights around her.

As we approached the orca whale enclosure for the show, we were amazed at the
sight in front of us. Swimming around the pool were great orca whales, the great
predators of the seas. We took out seats for the show in Orca Ocean.
Wow!, how can I describe what we have just experienced!! These amazing creatures,
following their trainers and jumping, spinning, somersaulting at their command.
How can this be possible?
I am so emotional at the sight in front of me, I am close to tears.
The trainers wave a small fish in front of the whales, who shake their heads in
disapproval, they then show a bucket of fish to the orcas, they nod their heads!
This is what they want!!
Anabel and Olivia are sat on the seats close to the pool, there is a warning!
YOU MAY GET WET if sitting in these seats. The trainers somehow give a signal
to the whales and they use their tail to produce big waves which splashes
from the pool and into the audience. There are screams from the soaking spectators.
They were warned!

Loro Parque is a must for any visitor to Tenerife, it has something for everyone including:

– Dolphin show – Sea Lion show – Parrot show – Aquarium – Penguins + lots more


Our day at Siam Park was great, the oriental surroundings are lovely and
there are lots of sunbeds in quiet areas around the park.
The rides are great fun or you can relax on the lazy river.
This park is perfect for all ages, I could easily have spent 2 days here, I loved it!

I love the typical canarian architecture and the colours of the buildings in Tenerife.
One day we went to visit the Hotel Bahia del Duque to have a look around and take

The Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque Resort & Spa is a 5 star hotel that takes its
inspiration from Canary Island culture and reflects colonial style influences
in its architecture and the use of typical dress as the uniform for the staff.
However, when we arrived at the entrance to the hotel, we were greeted by
the concierge, dressed in typical canarian costume, who advised us that
visitors were not allowed in the hotel until the end of the month.
Due to the level of security we assumed there were VIP visitors staying at the hotel.

Whilst on holiday in Tenerife I have been on the look out for things to
inspire me and I have to say this year it has been the beautiful plants
and flowers. Beautiful, colourful flowers are everywhere, decorating the
roads and streets with a wonderful array of colours and shapes.
This year I will return to England after a well earned break, it has been
nice to put ‘creating’ to one side for a while and gather my thoughts.
However, I know it won’t be long before I’ll be picking up the paint and
materials for my art and, remembering the colourful plants and flowers,
I will put on my creative head and start creating.

My daughter Olivia in flamenco dress

Olivia in Spanish flamenco dress
Senorita Olivia!


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